Testing & Commisioning

4. Testing & Commissioning 


The purpose of the commissioning test is to verify that the mechanical, physical, chemical and biological processes of the installed BWMS are working properly, taking into account guidelines developed by the IMO (i.e. the BWM.2/Circ.70, as may be amended). The commissioning test is not intended to validate the type approval of the BWMS.

There are two common  testing and commissioning after BWMS installation :

a) BWMS System
b) Water Sampling

BWMS System

After the BWMS installtion job completed.The product maker Specialist Engineer will come on-board to perform the full commissioning test for their system. Normally itwill takes around 4-5days  to complete before got the approval from Surveyor. We as the main contractor will give full commitment to assists the Specialist to make sure this activity run smoothly. Below are some activity during commissioning testeting.

Meeting & Discussion with Specialist Engineer for preparation.

 Electrical Scope ( Looping Check & Functioning Test)

 Mechanical Scope(BWMS Pipeline checking & hydro test for leaking checkj)

 Inquiry - Testing & Commisioning

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