Albin ALX High Volume Hose Pump

ALX High Volume Hose Pump

The ALX150 pump provides one of the highest peristaltic pump flow rates in the world, up to 150 m3/h (660.4 GPM).

The Albin Pump ALX Series peristaltic pump provides two additional benefits from standard hose pumps: a lower speed to achieve a given flow rate and rotating rollers for soft hose compression. These two features greatly increase hose life and reduce power consumption.


After years of development, the ALX150 hose pump was introduced for applications ranging from sea tanker overloading to transferring high-solids thickener underflow slurry, where fast and reliable offloading is key to process profitability.

Our pump uses soft action rotating rollers to compress the hose instead of hard fixed shoes that are standard on other industrial hose pumps. The advantage of our rollers is the gentle compression of the hose, losing very little power from surface friction. The soft rollers reduce power consumption dramatically which contributes to longer-life. The pump can be ran at lower speeds and still deliver up to 150 m3/h (660.4 GPM) with excellent hose life due to 83.33 liters per revolution.

Typical applications for the ALX pump include:

  • Effluent processing
  • Mining waste/wake transfer
  • Mud slurry transfer
  • Municipal waste transfer
  • Sea tanker offloading
  • Sand slurry transfer
  • Tailings transfer
  • Thickener underflow feed
  • Fish boat offloading


  • No mechanical seal or stuffing box
  • Reversible flow
  • Damage-free continuous dry running
  • Internal gearbox to reduce overall dimensions
  • Fully self-priming up to 9.8 m (32.2 ft)
  • Outlet pressures up to 7.5 bar (108.8 PSI)
  • Without lubricant
  • Suitable for aggressive or viscous fluids
  • Hoses available: NR and full EPDM
Metric Imperial
Capacity up to 150 m3/h up to 660.4 GPM
Viscosity up to 12,000 cps* up to 12,000 cps*
Temperature of pumped liquid up to 60℃** up to 140℉**
Differential pressure up to 7.5 bar*** up to 110 PSI***
Discharge pressure up to 7.5 bar up to 110 PSI
Achievable suction up to 0.6 bar* up to 8.7 PSI*

* Varies depending on the pump dimension/execution, as well as on the speed and on the tube material

** At a room temperature of 20℃ (68℉). Furthermore, it varies depending on the pumped fluid, on the hose quality and on the motor construction.

*** Varies depending on the hose

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