We supply high quality SPERRE spare parts and overhaul kits. The common replacement parts are overhaul kit for HP valve, overhaul kit for LP valve, piston, etc.

Part no Description Content
4127 Gasket Kit All flat gaskets, O-rings, sealing rings, and valve gasket
1436MK Cranshaft Crankshaft with bearings, flywheel key & nut, endplate, screw
3036MK Valve LP  Complete LP valve set
3037MK Valve HP  Complete HP valve set
3036MK2 Overhaul kit -LP valve HP valve springs, plates & gaskets
3037MK2 Overhaul kit -HP valve LP valve spring, plate & gaskets
3354MK Piston LP Piston LP, gudgeon pin & piston rings.
3352MK Piston HP Piston HP, gudgeon pin & piston rings
1428MK Connecting Rod Connecting rod with small and big end bearing
4519MK Flexible coupling Rubber coupling with bolts
7933 Overhaul kit 5000 hour Overhaul kit for 5000 running hour routine maintenance.
7963 Overhaul kit 10000 hour Overhaul kit for 10000 running hour routine maintenance.


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