3D Scanning and Modeling

1. 3D Scanning & Modelling

The first step to run the BWTS project is to conduct an on-board inspection to identify the best possible location for equipment and gather information on ballast operations.
During the inspection, it is important to determine if hatches are available to bring system components on board. A report documenting the survey will provide guidance for ongoing work.
The laser scanner will create a 3D image of the environment that will serve as the location for the new Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), providing a clearer idea of ​​the final result.
Typically, the scan can be performed within one business day without disrupting the normal course of vessel operations.
If carried out in one of the ship's ports of call, the disturbance of operations will be minimal.

3D laser scanner is a measuring tool which can acquire three-dimensional coordinate data targeted for the topography or the structure by using a laser to instantly measure the target structure.

 Establishment of measurement technique, and scanned data collection of existing vessel.
 Development of software for point group data handling.
 Examination of method of utilizing other case. 


1.Actual Vessel Measurement
2.Transform to 3D model from point group data
3.Convert into 3D CAD data
4. Carry out a design for installation work of BWMS on 3D CAD software.

                             BWMS system design in 3D CAD drawing 

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