EcoGuard MO

EcoGuardTM MO for Marine and Offshore 

Biosafe Solution for Hydrocarbon cleaning 

Highly effective hydrocarbon cleaning and air scrubbing solution suited for marine and offshore applications,
to overcome oil waste pollution and emission challenges in ship bilges and ship exhaust systems. 

A safer, cleaner and faster alternative replacing use of chemicals, solvents, enzyme-based or bacteria-based cleaning solution. 

EcoGuardTM MO Marine & Offshore can be used in operations for general cleaning and maintenance, equipment/ parts/ filter degreasing,
spills and leaks cleaning, OSD for emergency ocean spills, galley/ canteen grease traps cleaning, storage tank internal washing,
preparation for hot works, well maintenance, drainage pipes cleaning, fire response, as air scrubber solution and for decommissioning. 


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