Product Description

- Multipurpose use in many different cars
- Good cold start performance
- Very good engine cleanliness
- High thermal stability.
-Fuel savings at all running conditions
- Low evaporation loss
- Improved oil pressure
- Sustainable wear protection for all engines

Ultra High Performance, fuel-economy engine oil for a variety of vehicles with or without extended service intervals. Optimum cold starting and lower oil consumption. TITAN Supersyn SAE 5W-40 represents the multifunctional engine oil of the TITAN Supersyn engine oil range. It is based on innovative engine oil technology. The modern and reliable additive technology secures best performance at all running conditions. This up to date Ultra High Performance Engine Oil can be used al over the year. The good cold flow properties of TITAN Supersyn SAE 5W-40 are ensuring fastest lubrication at all parts of the engine. Friction and wear will be sustainable reduced and by that the fuel efficiency improved. TITAN Supersyn SAE 5W-40 guaranties engine durability and improved oil pressure under city cycle mode as well as under top speed highway running conditions.

TITAN Supersyn SAE 5W-40 shall be used for passenger cars and light duty vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines, independently of being natural aspi- rated or turbo charged. As all season’s motor oil, TITAN Supersyn SAE 5W-40 offers good cold start and fuel economy in the winter as well as high thermal stability in summer. TITAN Supersyn SAE 5W-40 is miscible and compatible with conventional branded engine oils. However, mixing with other engine oils should be avoided in order to fully utilize the product’s benefits. A complete oil change is recommended when converting toTITAN Supersyn SA E 5W-40.

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